Appraisal Firewall Testimonials

Thousands of lenders use Appraisal Firewall every day to add efficiency to their appraisal process while complying with all appraisal independence regulations. Over 10,000 appraisers use Appraisal Firewall to process and deliver appraisals directly to their clients.

With numbers like these, we want you to know what members of our Appraisal Firewall community are saying...and we hope you will consider becoming a member.

Lender Testimonials

"Our AMC process was a non-functioning process. Our customers were unhappy, our loan officers and realtors were up in the air all the time.  Your software has made life much more easy. Your customer service is great!"
- Nancy, Community First Bank

"Appraisal Firewall is a very user friendly system. Whenever I had an issue and made a suggestion as to what would benefit me as the client, an update was made. The customer service is excellent. Everyone is very helpful! The UCDP implementation was flawless! They truly make our job easier! Thank you Appraisal Firewall!!!"
- Kerry, Millenium Financial

"The switch to Appraisal Firewall has been an amazing experience. While transitioning, the individual, short and effective training sessions with our staff helped us learned the basics of the program in no time. After learning the basics, setting up additional branch locations takes only minutes (once we have our list of appraisers). Then, if an issue does arise, the Appraisal Firewall staff is always quick to step in and fix the problem when requested. In a world of customer service, Appraisal Firewall is a critical piece of keeping our clients and Realtors happy, when AMCs don't even seem to care."
- Jacob, Veteran United Home Loans

"Appraisal Firewall is totally user friendly and very responsive to any issues we may have."
- Jennifer, American Liberty Mortgage

"We've used many AMCs and Appraisal Firewall is the closest you can get to using appraisers that you trust will give the best appraisal for your money, and still stay in compliance with appraisal independence laws. Also, it is a very easy system to use and the customer service that Appraisal Firewall offers is second to none, very friendly staff and 99% of the time I am able to reach someone on my first call."
- Kip, First Preferred Mortgage

“Appraisal Firewall keeps my local appraiser relationships intact. This helps production stay on schedule with on-time, consistent quality appraisals that meet our guidelines.”
- Vicki, Spokane Teacher’s Credit Union

"Appraisal Firewall provides us with the ability to oversee Loan Officer-to-Appraiser interaction and administer our appraisal processes. On every loan we can see everything that happens on our appraisals and prove that no appraiser influence occurred, which helps us avoid penalties and fines associated with Dodd-Frank appraisal rules.“
- Allen, American Capital Corporation

Appraiser Testimonials

"One of the most important things about Appraisal Firewall is that they do not get between my clients and me."
- Bryce, Certified Appraiser

"It is a pleasure doing business with Appraisal Firewall. It sure beats being treated like a vendor (instead of a professional appraiser), which happens with the typical Appraisal Management Company. No harassing phone calls, no meaningless tips, no taking of half (or more) of the appraisal fee. Since the new regulations have gone into effect, it is one of the best alternatives out there for lenders to stay compliant."
- Timothy, Certified Appraiser

“My appraisal business is spread across many different platforms. Appraisal Firewall is one of the easiest systems to use. When my clients come to me with questions about appraisal regulations, I encourage them to use Appraisal Firewall so that I can work faster and keep my client relationships intact because Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC.”
- Randy, Certified General Appraiser

"We have been very happy with Appraisal Firewall. It is a good system and appraisers are paid a fair fee."
- Mary, Certified Appraiser