Admin Flow

Multi-Branch Administration and
Corporate Controls

Appraisal Firewall delivers administrative controls for your corporate office or appraisal administrator to have a scope into each branch’s appraisal activities. The administrator is a level above each Rotation Manager (RM) that they are linked to, and can do everything the RM can do - plus administrators have the ability to browse across multiple RMs. Administrators can share info with other Administrators in their organization to tightly control workflow.

Administrator Features

  • Review pipeline reports at each branch
  • Review post-delivery reports at each branch
  • Review Billing Information
  • Review appraiser panels, coverage areas, appraiser quality, turn-times and more
  • Review appraisal independence information, including all mortgage department-to-appraiser messaging
  • Share information with other admins, including the ability to review other admins’ work with other branches
  • Review loan officers, loan processors, underwriters, appraisal reviewers, and any other users that are interacting with appraisal orders at each branch
  • Available from all of our LOS interfaces, including Calyx® Point
  • And it doesn't stop at the Administrator level!  Your Corporate Office can have complete oversight and process control over your appraisal Administrators PLUS
    control over each branch. 
  • Click Here to view a Corporate Level Flow document with multiple administrators managing 11 branches (1.15 MB file size).