Technology to help support local communities and businesses.

Our company was founded in 1989 and was built on one simple principle: we believe that the business with the best technology wins.  This is why we evaluate and research every product in tandem with industry trends, then oversee its development with attention to detail solely at our corporate offices in Spokane, Washington State.  Since 1989, our mission has been to provide the best technology that allows community businesses to compete and win on a national level, to stay connected with local vendors for the best service, quality and pricing, and deliver the best mortgage service to their customers.


Our Products, Our History

SharperLending LLC offers four flagship products with a number of ancillary products and services: Appraisal solutions through our Appraisal Firewall product, credit reporting technology through our XpertOnline product, 4506/income verification technology through our TRV Provider product, and a technology platform that enables access to all of our products plus products from other mortgage technology providers through our SharperLending platform product.  Many of our products are available through a reseller channel, while some are offered direct to banks.

In 1989, we built the XpertOnline credit reporting technology that to this day allows local credit reporting agencies to compete on a national scale with huge corporations and be successful. In 1998, we built the SharperLending bundled products platform to support local banks and their preferred service provider relationships – the same local banks that stayed conservative and helped prop up the mortgage industry when it was brought to its knees a few years ago. In 2008, we brought Appraisal Firewall out of the appraisal section of the SharperLending platform into its own offering – to add efficiency, safety and soundness to the appraisal process by connecting banks with their trusted local appraisers, and to offer protection against federal appraisal legislation and related penalties.  In 2009, in response to increased underwriting scrunity, we created Tax Verification Provider (TVP) to assist banks in getting the fastest, most accurate 4506 income verification statements from the IRS.