About Us

SharperLending LLC is a financial services and mortgage technology provider that focuses on supporting local relationships and communities.  Our company was founded in 1989 and is located in Spokane, Washington State.  Since 1989, our mission has been to provide technology solutions that allow community businesses to compete on a national level, to stay connected with local vendors for the best service, quality and pricing, and deliver the best mortgage service to their customers.

SharperLending LLC offers four flagship products with a number of ancillary products and services: Appraisal solutions through our Appraisal Firewall product, credit reporting technology through our XpertOnline product, 4506/income verification technology through our Tax Verification Provider (TVP) product, and a technology platform that enables access to all of our products plus products from other mortgage technology providers through our EPN bundled services platform product.  Many of our products are available through a reseller channel, while some are offered direct to lenders.

Corporate Bios

Dave Black, CEO & Founder

Dave Black is a pioneer in the mortgage information services industry. In the mid 1980's Mr. Black developed financial information systems for several industries and municipalities, including the credit reporting industry, automating mortgage credit reporting for a number of repository bureau affiliates. A visionary in the credit reporting business, Mr. Black has helped evolve industry from earlier DOS days to current online application service providing (ASP) world. He has been lead developer, president & CEO of Synergistic Software Systems since its inception, growing it into a national provider of mortgage credit reporting technology, processing in excess of 600,000 credit reports per month in its secure, online data centers.

Mr. Black recognized and was an early adopter of the offerings of bundled services in the mortgage industry. In 2001, he refocused Synergistic from its credit roots to bundled service providing technology. He founded and manages SharperLending, LLC, a bundled service technology company as well as SharperLending Solutions, LLC, a multi vendor relations company securing relationships with hundreds of mortgage service providers.

David Chiappe, President

David Chiappe joined the SharperLending team in July of 2003 as the Director of Business Development and Strategic Relations with an emphasis on Service Providers. His responsibilities include service provider relations, contract negotiations, and oversight of Accounting and Finance as they relate to the platform. Mr. Chiappe's past employment functions include Project Management, National Sales Management and GSA contract administration and negotiation, as well as continued strategy development in the company's expansion efforts.

Mr. Chiappe received his undergraduate Marketing degree from Eastern Washington University in 1996 and received his Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University in 1999. Mr. Chiappe is married with two twin boys and a daughter, and enjoys dirt bike riding, snowboarding and SCUBA diving. He resides in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.